About Me

I am a data scientist at Amazon Web Services under the Data Center Planning and Delivery Data Science team. My work involves using quantitative techniques from time series analysis, operations research, and machine learning to build and refine power utilization metrics used to inform decision making in data center planning. I am also currently serving as a volunteer data scientist for DataKind DC and The Center for New Data where I have many unique opportunities to use geospatial analysis and SQL in various projects relating to social good.

Previously, I have created strategic investment contracting opportunities for Booz Allen Hamilton by developing artificial intelligence and data engineering capabilities to address technological problems faced by government clients. I have received my M.S. in Analytics, an interdisciplinary area of study that combines business, statistics, and computer science, from the Georgia Institute of Technology and my M.S. in Mathematics from the University of South Carolina. Leisurely, my research interests focus on leveraging multi-armed bandits and reinforcement learning to develop AI-driven applications in the industry.

Last Updated:
March 7, 2022